Never Going To Give You Up

Never never gonna give You up
Never never put that thing away
I’ll remember every flat and sharp
Of a melody You used to play

Words he told you were oracular
So get ready to reload Your love
Will You lash or come into my arms?
I’ve been waiting for You long enough

Waiting patiently without a hope
Without any action by Your side
With my neck in tightest violet rope
I was choking but I couldn’t die

Now Your voice is so lascivious
It’s like velvet on my tortured soul
There’s no subsequent and previous
All I see is my the Only Goal

If my love is not a laughing stock
Come to me just for the shortest while
Let me fall down from a steady rock
If I cannot seem to make You mine

You’re a sinner but a splendid one
With the sacred flesh and holy name
When I feel Your fingers close around
I’ll be able to be born again

Never never gonna give You up
Better give myself to burn in fire
Please remember every flat and sharp
In a melody of my desire


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