Happy New… Mare

Firth year of Millennium was over
It tried the best to lead my love for nowhere
When I was lying in my bed and weeping
I thought: if life without You worth living?
It’s half past two a.m. – that doesn’t matter…
Or maybe when I die it would be better?
I saw You making love with someone else
But… could You feel the shaking of my hands?
Or falling of my tears?
The whispering “he can’t be yours” in ears
You couldn’t hear…
Because You spent Your time in seventh heaven
While I was burning in the round number seven
It’s half past three a.m. – that doesn’t matter…
How many centuries will pass ’til I feel better?
The dreadful signs were tearing my skin
I saw them and got turning like a spin
Got strongest poison running through my veins
Got cruel reaction binding me in chains
“Don’t break my heart!” I shouted one more time
What have I done to You? What kind of crime?
The last convulsion – I woke up and died…
Oh why I couldn’t hold You? If I might?

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