Prodigal Lover s Monologue

Prodigal Lover s Monologue

I couldn’t settle down to any place,
I couldn’t get accustomed to Your face,
I couldn’t help myself breaking a vow,
I couldn’t let my consciense calm me down.

I’ve changed a lot of lovers — all in vain!
(That wasn’t the right end I had to gain.)
Nobody made my heart supplied enough
Before I had to face Your frigid love.

When You appeared my life became so fine,
(I even dare to say it was divine!)
Until I got the punishment by God
For all my previous immortal sin and blot.

First time I couldn’t recollect all from the start,
That’s why I sat and cried for broken heart.
I’ve never known what given-ups can do,
But I will neither say the reason is in You.

Well maybe after many years of pain
You’ll turn to me and make me live again, —
I’ll warm Your frozen heart with all my tears
To wash away my sweetheart’s night time fears.

I swear I won’t be able for a fall!
If only there appears my all-in-all,
I will embrace and never let You worry…
Oh hear me now, my happiness, I’m sorry!

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