Not Lost

Through all the years of solitude
Through all the damage we have caused
My love to you was true and nude,
As your attraction wasn’t lost

We almost died for useless sins
We gave ourselves to wrong ideal
But evil fades and kindness wins
Taking away all we conceal

Still we’re apart so I am glad
For people we were born to love
This time our hands are not that red
We’re going smooth, no longer rough

Feels absolution’s real for us
Because it’s time to live for good
Forget you want, remember must
And you won’t be misunderstood

Despite it’s you who led astray
Despite it’s me who drove you blind
Today we’re sane on rightest way
Of all the lanes which we could find

I pray do not get run for past
Remember we’re all given fine
Love whom you need but in your chest
Keep holy breath of the divine

I’m almost happy without you
Through all the damage we have caused
And all the damage we will do
Our vivid souls are yet not lost!

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