I am not the same as befoe,
you are not the same as before.
Life is not for me to afford.
Dream is not for you to believe.
When I tell “I am yours” – feel a thief.
Love is only a storytale.
I can’t move without a sail.
I just thought you might like my song
even thought it is never long.
I just though it would make a joke.
What’s the pain of being a lock
on the edge of two worlds. Whats the pain
of keeping in me your name.
I thought there is no stronger.
I was found wrong.
What is the point in my cross to you?
What is my love from the point of view
of my fairy tale’s non-existance?
If the one who listens
keeps sending gloom
down to Earth day after day,
day after day you have nothing to say.
You keep looking sad
keeping me locked in my tower.
I was ment to be present with a flower
day after day as a butterfly.
Our sun goes high up the sky,
leaving for high to remain.
Summer is coming again.

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